Theatre Ancaster Summer Programming

To everyone that joined us this summer for our summer camps as we made changes to the way we operated, thank you!  It was a wonderful and exciting summer for us here!

Our Jitterbugs program went from a half-day program to a full-day program this year, and we couldn't be happier with how it worked out!  Our Jitterbugs enjoyed more time to learn about singing, dancing, and acting, along with more time for free play to refresh them and get them focused on putting together an amazing show.  Our staff was extremely pleased with how the changes in our program worked, and found that our students had a great time all day and put together some truly impressive shows over the summer!

Our brand new Skills Camp was a significant shift in how we do summer camp for our 7-15 year olds.  We focused on building up specific skills and launched a series of workshops based on our themes of PIRATES and MOVIE MAGIC to create a wide-open learning experience for our students to customize their own camp experience!  We were quite pleased with the work our students did, and felt that our one week format mixing intense work and play worked outrageously well!  We were pleased with all the positive feedback we received and are really looking forward to see this program grow next summer!

Our Performance Camp for 7-15 year olds didn't change much, and that's because we have found it to be a camp that works really well!  Once again, our performance camp was a roaring success, and our students and staff enjoyed working together to build a unique show full of singing, dancing, and acting over each two week session!

We did raise our program costs this year, and though this is always a step we approach hesitantly, we did so largely to raise our staff salaries and attract highly qualified teachers for our students.  We were extremely pleased with the  staff we had this summer, and we have felt that our ability to teach and bring enthusiasm for the performing arts has really been taken to the next level!  We appreciate the parents and students who joined us this summer through all of our changes, and we hope you'll agree that this was a great summer!

We are all very excited for next summer as we continue to evolve our programs to best serve our community, and we look forward to having you all join us again!

The 2017 summer camp dates will be posted here soon, and registration opens on Saturday, February 4 at 8:00 am!

Thank you!
Sam Frisk
Acting Director of Youth Programming, Theatre Ancaster

Jitterbugs Program (Ages 4-6) 

Campers may participate in one Jitterbugs session each summer

Jitterbugs has expanded to full day programming! Our youngest campers will now enjoy more creative, play-based experiences in music, dance, drama and visual arts. The highlight of the two-week session is the final performance and showing off their new skills on the “big stage”!

Final performances take place on the last Friday evening of each session.

Stage 2 Performance Based Program (Ages 7-15) 

Campers may participate in one Performance Program session each summer, and in addition they may participate in two Skills Based sessions. 

Stage 2 campers are immersed in the world of theatre during this two-week, performance based session. Participating in vocal music, drama and dance classes daily, campers have fun learning new skills while focusing on putting on the final performance at the end of the session.

Final performances take place on the Saturday following the last day of each session.

Stage 2 Skill Based Program (Ages 7-15) 

Campers may participate in up to two Skill Based sessions (by choosing one week of each theme).

In this exciting new program, Stage 2 campers have the opportunity to craft their experience by selecting from a variety of theatre related workshops, in addition to participating in classes in vocal music, drama and dance. The focus of this program is on gaining new skills and trying new things - which campers will showcase to friends and family at the end of the session. This program rotates between two themes, meaning that campers can attend two sessions and have an entirely new experience each time! 

Final skill showcases take place on the Friday evening of each session. 

Stage 2 Campers can now join us for a total of four weeks this summer by participating in one Performance Based session, and two Skill Based sessions! 

For more information or inquires, please contact
Laura Bottrell, Youth Programming Administrator, at